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If you’re looking for more long-form slower-paced training, then our courses are for you. They provide detailed video instruction, downloadable documents, and all the help and resources you need to dive into each topic. If you desire a deep dive into learning a new carpentry skill, check out one of our courses today.

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We take pride in creating valuable content that is free for everyone. Our Youtube videos are fast-paced and concise, which means we are able to cover a lot of information in a short time with very little wasted time. If you are looking to learn for free, check out our many free videos today.


THA’s Mission & Vision

At THA, we believe carpentry and woodworking skills are an essential part of life.  We recognize a huge knowledge gap that needs filled within the professional and DIYer communities. This is why it is our mission and vision to be a valuable resource, and provide both professional and affordable online training to anyone, anywhere.

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From Our Founder

"God has gifted me with many “hands on” skills, and I feel blessed to be able to share some of those skills here with you. My hope is for you to gather the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be able to dream, design, and create anything you want. I hope to see you in one of our courses."

- Josh Fedorka


What People Are Saying

 Im a beginner and so glad I have found Josh's channel and this course. He is really good at explaining things and it has been such fun learning with him. He was also so good at helping me with any questions I had. Thanks Josh. I look forward to signing up for any other courses that you create.

I consider myself an advance beginner in powertool woodworking and I have taken an in-person Router 101 course in NYC. It was a fantastic course but was a while ago (even though I’ve used my trim router quite a bit since then here and there on quite a few projects). Even so, I found this course to be very helpful and motivating. Josh’s teaching style is so straightforward and encouraging without being over the top. And now, thanks to this course, I’ve got it in my head that I can make my own templates and am developing all kinds of ambitions. I also appreciate very much the different versions of projects (there were 3 projects, including one I’m making for Xmas, a valet tray) based upon a student’s tool collection. The detailed approaches are so helpful and considerate. The course was very well priced and I found it to be an exceedingly good value.    

I have not completed the course yet but am more than halfway through it. I find it informative and comprehensive. Your explanations are clear and complete, and I like your technique of a 'quiz' at the end of each lesson session. I have viewed some of the sessions more than once as I find repetition important to my learning and remembering.   I also appreciate the PDF documents provided and equipment recommendations.

I just went through this course and I can assure you it is an amazing course for beginners. I have some experience using routers and still learned a lot. The course covers everything you need to know to become familiar and comfortable with a router. Josh is a great teacher. He provides clear instructions and a lot of details. The videos are high quality. Highly recommended!

Josh, your way of teaching is excellent in my opinion. The course built very good and user friendly with all the learning material needed. Overall I’m very pleased with your teaching. Your price is fair and affordable. I would like to see more of dedicated courses like this one. Maybe a continuous course about building a cabinets or something like that. Whatever it will be - I’m in!   Thank you

 I really enjoyed this course! I've been a subscriber to the Training Hands Academy YouTube channel for quite a while and knew there would be value in the course. I was not disappointed! The content, production value and attention to detail are top notch. I had some experience with a plunge router and palm router prior to signing up. The course filled in many gaps, like understanding bit speed, and I now have a solid understanding of the setup, use, and maintenance of my routers. The projects are very well thought out and rewarding. They are by no means trivial and provide an excellent playground for mastering router skills. My time and money were well spent!

Josh the course was just what I needed. I have been woodworking for several years and never owned a router mainly because I was afraid to handle one. Several months ago a friend gave me an old Craftsman two hand router. It worked just fine but he upgraded and thought I could learn to use it. I never touched it until I saw your course. The course has been a re-evaluation. Learning the basics about the machine set me free. I got the nerve to begin practicing and am now making frames for my wife's water color paintings. Thank you for offering this course it is a gift. 

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